About Us

ShreeShakthi Autoclaved Aerated Bricks is a high-quality product from Tirumala Aerated Blocks Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. It is manufactured by fully automated state-of-the-art technology.

Our plant's production capacity is 500 cbm per day, we are fully committed to meet the growing market demand of AAC Blocks. Thereby, providing International quality product at an affordable cost that meets complete customer satisfaction.

ShreeShakthi AAC is a lightweight masonry building material suitable for use in the construction of all types of residential and commercial buildings. Through our eco-friendly and energy conserving materials, we have been contributing our share in sustainable healthy building practices.

New Insights

ShreeShakthi AAC blocks are high in quality and low in price. These blocks are resistant to water absorption and increases in strength over time while greatly reducing the cost of plastering.

Due to the cellular structure of the material, the blocks can be cut easily with a carpenter’s saw, and nails can be driven into them with equal ease.

Weight reduction becomes highly beneficial for structural reasons, saving steel reinforcement in the foundation, therefore resulting in substantial savings of the material and also under adverse soil conditions.

ShreeShakthi AAC Blocks -
For Energy Efficient &
Long Lasting Constructions